allow students from ALL engineering majors (and potentially other STEM majors as well) to learn how to use their science and engineering knowledge and skills to:

  (1)   create new and innovative products, processes, and services to address unmet needs in society and business


  (2)   develop  businesses to commercialize and scale those products, processes, and services into the marketplace.

Entrepreneurs educated through this program will be prepared to seek out opportunities, secure and employ resources, and provide leadership to create something of value using their unique combination of knowledge and skills.


The vision of the UA CoE Engineering Entrepreneurship Program is to be a recognized national leader in the education, training, and co-curricular experiential engagement of engineering students in the entrepreneurial process and to be a positive and impactful force for enhancing the economic development of the state, region, and nation through the entrepreneurial leaders trained through the program and the products, services, and businesses that they create and launch through the program.