Entrepreneurial Ideation & Customer Discovery

Our first course in the proposed Engineering Entrepreneurship Certificate is being taught in the Spring 2024 Semester on Tuesday & Thursday at 8am. It is GES491 Engineering Special Topics – Entrepreneurial Ideation and Customer Discovery. The only prerequisite is sophomore standing. It is designed for engineering majors, but if you are interested in taking it, and you are not any engineer please contact us to discuss if the class is appropriate. Check out the course syllabus for details.

We will eventually seek approval for this course to fulfill various electives in the engineering curriculum. However, currently you may be able to substitute it for some electives by filing a petition. A petition is required because this class is currently being taught as a special topics class, and does not yet have a permanent course number. Below is our current understanding of the elective-credit landscape. If your department does not appear below please contact us to discuss what course substitutions might be possible.

Chemical and Biological Engineering

This course fulfills the requirements of a career elective. See Dr. John Kim (Undergraduate Program Chair) or Tyler White (Advisor) for information.

Mechanical Engineering

This course is very similar to ME484, except you are not required to use NASA technology in your venture. See Dr. Beth Todd (Undergraduate Program Chair), Kayla Brown (Advisor A-K), or Emily Chong (Advisor L-Z) for information.